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PELAGIC LIFE Tiny creatures living in the ocean immensity Original tape in DVCAM

SPINY SPIDERCRAB : Each year during spring, they come back to mate in shallow waters- Tape in BETACAM SP AND DV CAM

SEAWEEDS : Brittany wealth, their variety, shape and colours are amazing. Tapes in BETACAM SP, DIGITAL BETACAM and DV CAM

JELLYFISH : Many people fear these animals. From time to time, they invade the seashore. tapes in BETACAM SP and DV CAM

Wrecks in Brittany : Many vessels sunk along the coast : the"Emile Allard" (1943), the"Aboukir Bay" (1893), the Swansea Vale (1918). Tape in BETACAM SP.

The BLUE LAKE : What can be done with this incredible amount of ammuntions left , more than 50 years ago, at the bottom of Avrillé Lake. Tape in DV CAM.

SHORT BEAKED COMMON DOLPHINS. Very seldom filmed, theses small dophins stay off shore, away from human beings. Tapes in DV CAM.

SOLITARY AND SOCIABLE DOLPHINS : So many questions about thes mythical animals ; some are closely interacting with man. Tape in DV CAM

BASKING SHARK : Many years ago, this selachian was commonly hunted but is now close to extinction We still have plenty to discover about it's behaviour. Tape in BETACAM SP.

AMOCO CADIZ : Sunk in 1978, off Britany, this tanker was responsible for one of the most dramatic oilspills along the french coast. She is still one of the biggest wreck in the world. Tape in BETACAM SP.


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